Residential Service

Schedule No. 12


To single family residences and separately metered apartment units for domestic and seasonal or recreational use, incidental power service, unmetered services, single-phase well services and residential customers who meet the requirements for exemption of the system charge as outlined in Mason County PUD No. 3 (PUD 3) policies. This schedule is not applicable to sale for resale which is prohibited by PUD 3.

Character of Service

Sixty-hertz alternating current. Mason County PUD No. 3 (PUD 3) reserves the right to specify the voltage and phase of service supplied under this schedule.


Energy Rate
Billing Class Code
Primary Meter
$ Per kWh
Daily System Charge
Billing Class Code
Primary Meter
$ Per Day Single Phase
$ Per Day Three Phase
Low Income Senior and Disability Discount
Billing Class Code
Primary Meter
$ Per Day
Primary Metering Discount
(See Billing Class Codes above)

Customers who are primary metered and do not furnish their own transformers will receive a discount for transformer losses in the amount of 1½ percent of the energy charges and demand charges (if applicable).

Tax Clause

PUD 3 reserves the right to add to the billing period charges under the rate schedule any gross revenue utility or other form of tax levied by municipal, county, state or federal bodies.

Terms or Conditions

Except at the option of PUD 3, no individual single phase motor may be larger than 7½ H.P. or any transformer type welder larger than 10 KVA.

Service under this schedule is subject to the Rules and Regulations and policies of PUD 3.

Effective with all meter readings on, and after,


What is the Mason Evergreen Power program?

The Mason Evergreen Power program is a product offering of Mason County PUD No. 3 to its customers supporting the use and development of environmentally friendly green power.

Green power is electricity generated from resources including wind, solar, geothermal and biomass (biomass includes the use of landfill gas, agricultural and wood wastes, ethanol, etc.). By purchasing blocks of green power, PUD 3 ratepayers can directly support further development of these power sources.

Purchase Options for Green Power

When customers sign up for this voluntary program, they can purchase blocks of green power for an additional fee beyond their normal electric bill or make 100 percent purchases of renewable energy on a per kilowatt-hour basis. Each purchase made will directly fund the development and/or generation of new, renewable energy resources for the Pacific Northwest.

Mason County PUD No. 3 is offering the program, due in part to a new state law that requires some electric utilities in Washington to offer their customers the option to purchase a portion of their electricity from renewable sources.

How can customers participate in the Mason Evergreen Power Program?

PUD customers may purchase green power in 100 kilowatt-hour blocks, at a cost of one dollar per block, per month in addition to the base rate. Each block represents about ten percent of an average residential customer’s monthly usage. The purchase of each block does not replace the current consumption of electricity by an owner/ratepayer. Rather, it directly funds the development of new, renewable energy resources for the Pacific Northwest such as wind, solar, landfill gas, geothermal and biomass.

As an alternative to block purchases, PUD 3 electricity consumers may choose to voluntarily participate at the 100 percent level for an additional price of one cent per kilowatt hour. The typical consumer using 1,000 kWh per month would pay an additional $10 on their bill to support green power efforts in the Pacific Northwest.

The program is available to commercial and residential customers. There’s no limit on the number of blocks that can be purchased. Customers can sign up, change their participation level or discontinue their participation at any time in whole billing period segments.

To sign up you can call Energy Services at 360-426-8255, extension 5242 or fill out an enrollment form at the Belfair or Shelton offices of Mason County PUD No.3.

What are the benefits of participating in the Mason Evergreen Power Program?

Participation in the Mason Evergreen Power program helps cut down on emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases from power plants. The program supports continued development of new, emerging energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal and biomass. The program also helps to preserve the natural environment, including recreational benefits, for future generations.

Does green power cost more?

New sources of renewable energy have typically been more expensive than other traditional sources, such as hydroelectric, coal or gas-fired facilities. However, wind, solar, geothermal and other sources have seen their costs decrease in recent years. While green power is more expensive, its use helps protect the environment by reducing the impacts of other energy sources.

Where does Mason Evergreen Power green power come from?

The energy for the Mason Evergreen Power program is purchased from the Nine Canyon Wind Farm near the tri-cities (Pasco-Kennewick-Richland) in eastern Washington.

How do I get Mason Evergreen Power?

All electricity generated for the Mason Evergreen Power program will be fed into the overall power supply grid for the Northwest. It cannot come directly to a customer’s door.

The advantage of participating in the Mason Evergreen Power program is that when green power is purchased it means a smaller amount of power that is being generated by less environmentally friendly sources.

How will Mason Evergreen Power enrollment show up on my bill?

Mason Evergreen Power will appear under current charges on the right hand side of your bill as a green power charge. The charge will reflect the total amount for the number of blocks purchased, or the cumulative amount of green power purchased under the 100 percent option.

For example, three blocks of green power purchased at $1 each: Green Power $3.00.

The typical consumer using the 100 percent green power option and consuming 1,000 kWh per month would pay an additional $10 on their bill to support green power efforts in the Pacific Northwest.

Note: After signing up for Mason Evergreen Power, charges will begin with the next billing period, and are not prorated. The charges for Mason Evergreen Power are in excess of energy consumption. Participation in the program does not represent an exclusive supply of renewable energy to the customer that chooses the Mason Evergreen Power option. However, all electricity generated for the Mason Evergreen Power program will be fed into the overall power supply grid for the Northwest, which means the electricity received is a blended supply of firm and renewable resources.

More information about the Mason County PUD No. 3 green power program is available by calling:

Shelton: 360-426-8255, ext. 5242 Belfair: 360-275-6518, ext. 5242 Elma: 360-861-4247, ext. 5242.


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