Large Commercial: General Service With Demand

Schedule No. 21


To single metered commercial and individual customers including schools, churches, granges, community halls, public agencies, three-phase well services and other customers with consumption greater than 15,000 kWhs in any month and/or a demand greater than 50 KVA in any month. Residential services are not eligible for this rate schedule. This schedule is not applicable to sale for resale which is prohibited by Mason County PUD No. 3 (PUD 3).

Character of Service

Sixty-hertz alternating current. Mason County PUD No. 3 (PUD 3) reserves the right to specify the voltage and phase of service supplied under this schedule. Metering, at the option of PUD 3, may be done at the utilization voltage or at the primary voltage.


Energy Rate
Billing Class Code 21
$ per kWh
System Charge
$ per Day
Billing Period Demand Rate
$ per Measured Kilowatt of Demand

The measured kilowatt demand for the billing period will be determined by suitable metering and shall be deemed as the average kilowatt delivery during the 15 minute period in which the consumption is the greatest.

Power Factor Penalty Rate

The demand charge shall be increased one percent (1%) for each one percent (1%) or major fraction thereof by which the average power factor is less than 97 percent (97%) lagging.

Transformer Discount
Billing Class Code 22

Customers who are primary metered and furnish their own transformers will receive a discount of $.40 per kilowatt of measured demand.

Primary Metering Discount
Billing Class Code 23

Customers who are primary metered and do not furnish their own transformers will receive a discount for transformer losses in the amount of 1½ percent of the energy charges and demand charges (if applicable).

Tax Clause

PUD 3 reserves the right to add to the billing period charges under the rate schedule any gross revenue utility or other form of tax levied by municipal, county, state or federal bodies.

Terms or Conditions

Service under this schedule is subject to the Rules and Regulations and policies of PUD 3.

Special Conditions

For electric service to New Large Single Loads, PUD 3 may require a special contract with negotiated rates. New Large Single Loads, as defined in Public Law 96-501, means any load associated with a new facility, an existing facility, or an expansion of an existing facility which will result in an increase in power requirements of 10 average megawatts or more in any consecutive twelve-month period.

Effective with all meter readings on, and after,


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