Harstine Island – Electricity Restored Following Planned Power Outage to Complete Connection of New Bridge Cable Crossing

Posted March 6, 2013

Mason County PUD No. 3 wrapped up a planned power outage at 1:55 PM as linemen completed the installation of an additional three-phase power and fiber optic cable across the Harstine Island bridge.
The outage began at 10:00 AM and lasted two hours shorter than expected.
The project is part of a $250,000 effort by PUD 3 to enhance electrical service and extend the PUD’s fiber optic network across the bridge for potential future broadband service. The cost of the cable for the bridge crossing was $85,000.
The cable was specially manufactured for the project by Okonite of Ramsey, New Jersey.
The new power line will eliminate the threat of a single point of failure for the electrical service to Harstine Island and provide the opportunity for high speed fiber in the future. It allows the PUD to separate the island into two circuits, delivering a better balancing of the electrical feed to the island. It will also help speed recovery during outages by taking the entire load for the island off one line and providing an additional power feed for customers.
The project was not without its challenges. Sometime in late January, thieves cut up to 40 feet of the cable on the mainland side of the crossing on East Harstine Bridge Road. The cable was sawed off at ground level where it came out of conduit that led to the bridge.
PUD linemen and engineers were able to find an alternative way of connecting the lines to the distribution system and salvage the work.
Here's a video about the project and its benefits to the PUD 3 customers on Harstine Island:



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