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Application for New Service

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Notice on new Electrical Inspection

To have electricity installed to your property it's necessary to complete and submit an application for new electrical service. Applications take 2 to 8 weeks to process, depending upon the complexity of the job and current number of applications being processed.

Application for New Service

The following items are required for the installation of new electrical service:

  • Application Fee - $100.00 for Single-Phase Service
  • $250.00 for Single Phase Developments and $500.00 for all Three Phase Services. Application fees can be paid for with cash, check or Visa/Master Card. Application Fees are applied to the cost of the extension project that is carried forward to completion. NOTE: Application Fees are non-refundable.
  • Application for Credit (unless you have previously completed the Application for Credit with PUD 3).
  • Copy of Building Permit and Approval Number from the State Electrical Inspector are required, but not necessary to submit application for estimate. Click Here
  • Plot Plan of Development or Drawing of Property (Need location of septic, poles, mobile, home (entrance), and temporaries).
  • New Service Address prior to connection of power.
  • Copies of current recorded deed or current recorded contract of sale and parcel number for property.
  • Property corners clearly marked.

To Avoid Future Problems:

There is a fee for unauthorized disconnection, reconnection, and/or meter tampering. Customers who have disconnected or reconnected their power without proper authorization and/or have meters that have been tampered with or had their seals cut will be billed a minimum $100.00 tampering fee.

Keep the following things in mind when determining the placement of your meter:

  • Before construction, keep in mind that PUD personnel must have access to the meter every month.
  • The meter base must be installed on the outside of the building in a location that is easy to access.
  • Avoid placing your meterbase over 5 feet off the ground; in a carport or other areas that may be enclosed later; in the same area that your dog will be kept; or anywhere you want absolute privacy.


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