Automatic Payments Using Your Checking or Credit Card Account

Payments can be automatically deducted from your bank or credit union account under the Auto-Pay Plan. There are no checks to write, so you save time, paperwork and postage. For more details or to sign up for any of the automatic payment programs, please come into one of our offices or call us.

Automatic Payment from Your Checking Account

Provide us with a voided check and complete our authorization form. Once we have your payment authorization in place, the exact amount you owe on your bill each month will be automatically transferred from your bank account. You will still receive a billing so you know the amount to deduct from your account.

Automatic Payment from Your VISA, Discover or MasterCard Account

If you're one of our many customers who like to use their bankcard to boost air miles or other incentives, sign up for automatic payment with your bankcard. You will still receive your regular billing with a payment date of ten days after the bill date.

Electronic bills, (E-bills)

This option is great, especially with automatic payments. Visit your account on the Mason County PUD No. 3 website to sign up to receive a paperless E-Bill in addition to or in lieu of your regular billing. You may also call one of the PUD 3 customer service representatives. An electronic version of your bill is then sent to your email account.


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