What is a Public Utility District (PUD)?

Public Utility Districts were organized in Washington State as locally-controlled municipal corporations to conserve water and power resources and to provide electric, water, sewer and wholesale telecommunications service to their owners. They were authorized as a result of Initiative 1, which was approved by the voters of Washington State in the 1930’s. The Washington State Grange was instrumental in providing residents of the state with the opportunity to form their own utilities for vital services.

In Washington State, 23 PUDs provide electric service to nearly 690,000 homes. Mason County PUD 3 serves over 32,000 electric customers.

Mason County PUD No. 3 provides electrical service to its customers. PUD 3 also provides wholesale telecommunications services in its service area through a fiber optic network. Services are provided at cost, without profit.

A board of three commissioners elected by voters, to establish policy, review operations, and approve plans, budgets and expenditures. The legal responsibilities and powers of the PUD are exercised through the commission. These include the establishment of rates and charges for services.

The board of commissioners hires a manager who is responsible for administering policies established by the board. The manager hires employees to implement these policies and to be responsible for all functions necessary to serve customers with dependable services at the lowest possible cost.

The three-member PUD board of commissioners holds open, public meetings the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the PUD 3 auditorium at 2621 E Johns PRairie Road, Shelton. Customers are encouraged to attend.

You may learn more about Washington State’s public utility Districts by visiting the Washington Public Utility District Association’s (www.wpuda.org) web site.


PUD 3 Mission Statement

Mason County PUD No. 3 is a community-owned and governed utility, created to provide safe, reliable and cost-based electric and wholesale telecommunication services. PUD 3 strives to meet the community's expectations through responsive customer service; an educated, well trained staff; a strong commitment to protect and improve the public's investment in the utility; and the wise and efficient use of the community's resources.



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